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At Last—The Nonfiction Books You Need to Meet Your State's Content Standards—at Three Different Reading Levels!

Can’t find the right curriculum materials to match your state’s reading, science, and social studies content standards?

You’re not alone. Educators all over have struggled to find nonfiction books that match their state's standards at reading levels appropriate for their students. Fortunately, the search is over.

FOCUScurriculum has published a series of BRAND NEW nonfiction books written specifically to your state’s content standards. You no longer have to waste time and money piecing together books and activities from several publishers just to cover all the content standards.

What about struggling readers as well as your advanced students?

Where do you find the right books and instructional materials for them? FOCUScurriculum of course! We have the books you need that cover your state’s standards at three different reading levels—on level, below level, and above level. Differentiation and value-added instruction is built right in.

How about integrating Informational Text reading skills and strategies?

FOCUScurriculum also provides practice in important nonfiction reading skills and strategies required by your states reading and English language arts content standards. Each title is accompanied by four different activities that teach and apply comprehension and vocabulary skills and strategies. You will cover science and social studies content AND teach Informational Text reading skills at the same time.

Does your assessment match your state’s content standards?

Our assessments are also focused to your state’s standards. Each book is accompanied by a 2-page Check Understanding that assesses literal, interpretive, and critical comprehension.

Click on your state to enter our Web site. There, you can preview all of our Learning Standard-specific materials. We’re sure you’ll like what you find.

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