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FOCUScurriculum Books Teach Strategic Reading Skills So ALL Students Can Learn On Their Own
Reading nonfiction books can be challenging for students at any level. That is why our books are designed to tap prior knowledge, focus the students on what is to be learned, chunk information into readable units, and assess progress regularly. Each book contains the following lesson format:

Starting Points
Build Background activities tap prior knowledge or experiences about a topic, often using graphic organizers.

Key Vocabulary activities tap students’ prior knowledge of vocabulary and provide activities correlated to your states vocabulary standards.

Key Concepts review “big ideas” students should already know related to the topic.

Chapters are divided into several Focus sections. Each Focus section identifies a purpose for reading. Information is chunked into manageable sections for clarity and ease of reading.

  • Focus statements suggest a purpose for reading that relate to a specific state standard.
  • The text is organized into manageable chunks of information to facilitate comprehension.
  • Graphic organizers, diagrams, charts, and other graphic aids help students organize and synthesize information for better understanding.
  • Content vocabulary is bold-faced and defined in a glossary.
  • Each Focus section ends with Focus question assessments. These are constructed response questions related to the Focus statement.

Hands On
Students are provided with many opportunities to apply the content they have learned and develop the process skills they will need to discover on their own.

Stop and Think
On-going assessments are built in to every lesson so you know exactly what your students have mastered. Stop and Think questions are written in the format of your state’s achievement test to familiarize your students with the state's test.

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Starting Points activities prepare students to read and learn
Focus statements identify the purpose for reading
Hands On activities develop important process skills
Stop and Think assessments make sure students are on track