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At Last—The Nonfiction Books You Need to Meet Your State's Content Standards—at Three Different Reading Levels!

FOCUScurriculum provides you with a new, simplified, and effective choice for teaching reading, science, and social studies. Your students will no longer spend time deciphering text that has little, if any direct link to your state's content standards. They will explore in depth, the concepts that are relevant and required of your  learners at a pace and level that meets their individual needs.

No Instructional Gaps Like You Find with Other Publisher's Pograms

Many publisher's materials are repackaged and recorrelated to try to match your state's standards. They are full of instructional gaps because they are written to other states' curriculums. With FOCUScurriculum, your lesson plans will match your state's content standards with no gaps in instruction because our program is specifically written for your state.

  • Guessing and searching for relevant text, hoping that it covers a standard, is a time consuming process that can now be eliminated.
  • Every FOCUScurriculum title is written to your state's content standards.
  • That means your lesson plans directly reflect the curriculum your students are required to learn.

 All the Features You Expect from Quality Nonfiction Books

  • Key vocabulary is highlighted and defined on each page.
  • Maps locate physical and human features to build geography skills.
  • Active reading prompts guide students’ literal and critical comprehension.
  • Charts, tables, and graphs represent data for students to interpret.
  • Illustrations and diagrams aid students’ comprehension and build visual literacy skills.
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Key vocabulary is highlighted in the text and defined on the page.
Active reading prompts encourage discussion and foster critical thinking skills.
Active reading prompts also reinforce key concepts from your state’s standards.
A glossary of key content terms and an index are included in every book.