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At Last–the BRAND NEW Books You Need to Meet Indiana’s New Academic Standards for Science and the Common Core State Standards

Can’t Find the Right Literacy Materials to Match Indiana’s 2010 Academic Standards for Science?

You’re not alone. Educators across the state have struggled to find matching science content at reading levels appropriate for their students. Fortunately, the search is over.

Focus on Indiana Standards is a series of nonfiction books for grades 3–8 written to meet the specific content standards required by Indiania's new 2010 Academic Standards for Science. Each book has been carefully written and designed to provide the content and skill support your students need to exceed expectations on the Indiana ISTEP+ for Science.

Every Title Comes In Three Different Lexile Levels for Differentiated and Value-Added Instruction

Now all of your students can have access to Indiana’s required curriculum. Each Focus on Indiana Standards title has three Lexile versions—below level, on level, and above level. Now you can match your students' Lexile levels to Indiana’s science curriculum.

Assessments that Match the Indiana's ISTEP+ In Science

Focus on Indiana Standards assessments match the ISTEP+ Science Tests. Each book has a cummulative test written in the same format as the ISTEP+. In addition, each grade level has a Pretest and Posttest that mirrors the questions found on Indiana's ISTEP+. You will be able to evaluate and track student progress, plus they will receive valuable practice in answering the multiple choice and constructed response items found on the test. Now, there's no need to purchase expensive test-prep programs!

Teach the Nonfiction Literacy Skills Required by Indiana’s Common Core State Standards, Too!

Focus on Indiana Standards provides instruction in important nonfiction reading skills and strategies required by Indiana's Common Core Standards for Literacy in Science. Each title is accompanied by four different activities that teach and apply comprehension and vocabulary skills and strategies. You will cover science content AND teach nonfiction reading skills at the same time.

iPAD Ready!

Now your students can use Focus on Indiana Standards on an iPAD or any other electronic notebook. When you purchase a license for Focus on Indiana Standards, you will receive a CD that contains PDF files for each title you order. These PDF files can be viewed and read on any electronic notebook.

Free available applications, such as PaperPort Notes, allow students to annotate each page of the book by highlighting important ideas, circling key vocabulary words, or making notations about questions they still have about the book’s content. Students can even make audio notes as they read to play back later reminding them of questions or misunderstandings that they would like to review with you.

Be a Teacher Not a Tester!

Focus on Indiana Standards is not a “test-prep” series. You will not be spending hours “teaching to the test.” However, your students will perform better on the ISTEP+ Science Tests because you will be teaching the science concepts and communication skills found on the test. Not only will your students perform better, they will enjoy learning about the fascinating world around them.

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