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Update to Ohio's New Science and Social Studies Learning Standards and Teach Informational Text Reading Standards Too!

Preview Our New Ohio Science Standards Phase-In Plan

Focus on Ohio Standards provides you with the content and instruction your students need to perform well on the new Performance-based and End of Year assessments. In fact, schools in districts who use the program have seen average improved results of 10% or more in test scores. Because your students will be assessed on Ohio's New Learning Standards in the Spring of 2015, you might need the current edition to show continuous improvement for some of your students. Then you will need to transition to the new standards with our update program. Fortunately, you can buy both at a reduced cost.

At FOCUScurriculum, we have identified which current Focus on Ohio Standards books support Ohio's new standards, which books need revision to better align with them, and which brand-new books your students will need.

Click on these links to learn more about our New Standards Update Plan

Grades 3-5 Science Plan

Grades 6-8 Science Plan

Please check back for the Social Studies plan.

Teach Informational Text Literacy Skills Required by the NEW OH Learning Standards, Too!

Focus on Ohio Standards provides instruction and practice in important informational text literacy skills required by the NEW OH Learning Standards. Each title is accompanied by four different activities that teach and apply Informational Text Literacy Skills. You will cover  Science and Social Studies content AND teach nonfiction literacy skills at the same time.

You Can Be Assured of Having Ohio-Specific Content at Three Different Reading Levels of Instruction

Focus on Ohio Standards was created by an Ohio publisher specifically for Ohio schools. Our books and curriculum support materials are not repackaged, recorrelated material full of instructional gaps.  Focus on Ohio Standards is a series of BRAND NEW reproducible, nonfiction books and instructional support written to meet the specific OH Learning Standards for Science and Social Studies.

Not only are our nonfiction books written for Ohio, each  Focus on Ohio Standards title has three versions—below level, on level, and above level. Finally, you can match instruction to your students' ability levels enabling all students access to Ohio’s required curriculum.

Be a Teacher Not a Tester!

Focus on Ohio Standards is not a “test-prep” series. You will not be spending hours “teaching to the test.” However, your students will perform better on the Performance-based and End of Year assessments because you will be teaching the concepts and communication skills required. Not only will your students perform better, they will enjoy learning about the fascinating world around them.

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