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New Teacher's Guide
Our new Teacher’s Guide provides you with practical suggestions for implementing Focus on California Standards in your classroom as well as research-based strategies for teaching nonfiction skills and strategies to your students. Here's what you will find in the guide:

Program Overview  

Nonfiction Text Features

Correlation to  Content Standards

Using the English Language Arts Activities

Accommodating Students’ Needs
    Differentiated and Value-Added Instruction
    Response to Intervention (RTI)    
    ELL Students
    Home Connection

Tips for Making the Books

Nonfiction Reading Strategies
    Whole Group Instruction
    Small Group Instruction
    Build a Knowledge Base
    Reciprocal Teaching
    Vocabulary Wall
    Hide and Speak
    Personal Reaction
    Quiz Maker
    Significant Points
    Key Words
    Highlighter Tape
    Sticky-Note Coding

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